Night Of Vice II

The second promo video for “Night Of Vice”  mixtape by producer qaphqa

A series of videos ‘Filmed on Location’ in the open world game GTA: Vice City

Night of Vice I

New promo video for “Night of Vice” mixtape by qaphqa

A series of videos ‘Filmed on Location’ in the open world video game GTA: Vice City

Chaser (GIF Remix) – Team 1218

New remix track from Team 1218 with video by Eliot Jones

Chaser (GIF Remix) Team 1218

Space Panther Records

For all your musical needs. It’s out there:

Team 1218, Lost Transmission: Beat Degeneration


Two Track Previews on Soundcloud

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Pop Through The Keyhole

Alternative music criticism: Pop Through The Keyhole

“Art As Design History?”

“Art as Design History?” by Ruth Mason

Beyond the shape, size, or structural design of a space, how does a spaces’ materiality influence human relationships within it? What influence do the expectations of human relationships have on spaces’ materiality? Thinking beyond the materiality of structural spaces, what is the relationship between a space and the physicality of material objects which circulate through it? Ruth Mason explores Lefebvre’s Production of Space and contemporary artist Eliot Jones and the place of physicality in understanding contemporary design history.

Team 1218: Lost Transmission

Video Link: Beat Degeneration Promo

Spatial Intervention with Eliot Jones

Eliot Jones‘ self-titled ‘spatial interventions’ are constructed from materials that constitute the make-up of our living environments, those by which we construct boundaries, insulate, in-case, or effect spatial environments.  Physically and functionally reconfiguring them into new spatial arrangements, Jones’ work raises interesting questions about space and materiality.

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