Libro de Bruxt is a journey through the golden era of Bruce Hornsby and the Range. Sampling from Hornsby’s first three albums, The Way It Is (1986), Scenes from the Southside (1988) and A Night on the Town (1990).


Memory (Side B) is a different kind of journey, a soundscape.


Resident producer Qaphqa has a Soundcloud keep up with his creative output HERE


Night of Vice III

A brand new instalment to the Night of Vice mixtape, Qaphqa presents ‘Music to Drive By’

A series of videos ‘Filmed on Location’ in the open world game GTA: Vice City

You Blew It Up!

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The phenomenon of the facebook cull, is now part of a modern lexicon of language, a product of the way in which online social networks preserve relationships that would have otherwise unconsciously disappeared because of distance or neglect. The online social network presents us with brand new choices, the choice to befriend, to preserve, or to unfriend. It is this element of new choice that is the root of a new social ettiquette; the ‘facebook friendship’

‘the cull”, by artists Eliot Jones and Samuel Dillon will present several visualisations of online social space generated by data obtained from the online platform; Facebook. Using Dillon’s social network as a data set; compiling and categorising information that was publicly shared by his ‘facebook friends’, this series of works will explore the changing physicality of a social network through the categorisation and documentation of an online action; a public facebook cull.

Culling soon, at Cultivate, Vyner Street


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Summer’s drawing to a close, but there’s still time for one more track to watch those lazy afternoons drift by

Team 1218 present Afternoon

And don’t forget for more from Team 1218 you can download a full Album for FREE: HERE

One Card Missing

Another new track from the hip-hop duo Team 1218. Check it out:

One Card Missing

Thankyou (For giving me your love) – Yakka Harris

 Introducing another musician from the youblewitup family, Yakka Harris, with this track: Thankyou (For giving me your love)


For more sounds checkout his Souncloud HERE

Everything I Need – Ihn Huh

Fresh from the other side of the Atlantic, a new track from our friend, Toronto-based musician Ihn Huh

Everything I Need

For more check out his SoundCloud HERE


New track from Team 1218 – Eurostep

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